It's a content game – he who has content is king

[INT.] When songwriting camp Aarhus Calling visited SPOT+ Friday afternoon, it was an excellent opportunity for music industry professionals and enthusiasts to pick the brain of some of the biggest producer names from Denmark and abroad. The panel consisted of Che Pope, Grammy […]


[INT.] Free music online can represent a challenge for artists and music industry, or an opportunity for new business models. by Amélie Drouet and Hanna Wolf, Jutland Station. On the internet there is a tendency of getting access to almost […]

The Road To SPOT+

[INT.] Please watch the video above and find the road to SPOT+. Accreditation and check-in for international guests will take place here. Here’s a map of the area. The SPOT+ area is dedicated to Danish and International industry professionals: networking, […]

Counter-stream: Vinyl 2.0 - An unlikely success

[INT.] What possesses someone to start selling CDs and records in 2015? And, more importantly, how are they able to make it a success, for both label and artist? Get answers to these questions, and more, when Tiger Music explain […]

Aarhus som musikkens Mekka: ”Grib chancen”

Godt 300 internationale musikbranche-folk er til SPOT Festival i denne uge. Folk med interesse i dansk musik. Folk med brugbar viden. ”Benyt jer nu af muligheden – grib chancen” lyder den klare entydige opfordring fra arrangørerne til det danske musikliv. […]