De oversøiske branchefolks dom: Tilgængelighed og netværksmuligheder i international klasse

SPOT Festivalen har sat tre toneangivende brancefolk fra USA og England i stævne for at få deres dom over festivalen. Her kan du læse, hvorfor lige netop den østjyske showcase-festival er så velrenommeret på tværs af havene. Af Lasse P. […]

Mama Event at SPOT+

[INT.] Mama Event is almost a younger French version of SPOT Festival. This year they are bringing Aarhus and Paris closer by taking in 3-4 Danish artists to Mama. At their SPOT+ reception we met Mama representative Aziliz Benech, who […]

Glimps at SPOT+

[INT.] The Belgian showcase festival kicked off their SPOT+ reception in true SPOT fashion. They served a Belgian beer named ”Parrot” – or the Belgian equivalent. Glimps has an international focus every year, and this year, the festival has chosen […]

Believe Digital at SPOT+

[INT.] SPOT+ is a place for networking, and Believe Digital made the most of it, when all members of their nordic branches showed up to the Believe Digital reception. Chocolate croissants were on the menu and Believe Digital made their […]

‘Nächste Haltestelle SPOT Festival’ – A Bus journey with SPOT’s German guests

[INT.] For the past eight years SPOT has been bringing international delegates and guests from Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium to the festival on buses. Ellie Sellwood got on the bus at Hamburg to find out more about SPOT’s […]


[INT.] IMMF represent music managers all over the world. They connect these people in the music industry, so they can share experiences, opportunities, information and resources. At SPOT+ IMMF had a reception dedicated to networking. Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt was asked about […]

Sonic Visions at SPOT+

[INT.] Back in 2008 Sonic Visions met SPOT leader Gunnar K. Madsen. Rockhal and Music & Resources Rockhal wanted to create a music festival in Luxembourg. As SPOT Festival had already been going for 14 years, Gunnar K. Madsen was […]


[INT.] SPOT International Opening Reception kicked off today with an opening speech by Aarhus mayor Jacob Bundsgaard. Afterwards Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt from IMMF spoke about the changes in music distribution, and how influential SPOT Festival is in the future of music. […]

The Road To SPOT+

[INT.] Please watch the video above and find the road to SPOT+. Accreditation and check-in for international guests will take place here. Here’s a map of the area. The SPOT+ area is dedicated to Danish and International industry professionals: networking, […]

Aarhus som musikkens Mekka: ”Grib chancen”

Godt 300 internationale musikbranche-folk er til SPOT Festival i denne uge. Folk med interesse i dansk musik. Folk med brugbar viden. ”Benyt jer nu af muligheden – grib chancen” lyder den klare entydige opfordring fra arrangørerne til det danske musikliv. […]

SPOT Festival apps ready

Read about the latest news, changes to the programme, music- and film-presentations, networking opportunities, the conference- and seminar-programme, and more. Available for Android and iOS. Android: IOS:

MaMa reception Saturday at SPOT+

[INT.] The influential Paris-based music industry conference and showcase festival MaMA will be hosting a reception at SPOT Festival for the 2nd year in a row on Saturday 2 May from 17:00 – 18:00 at the new SPOT+ area at […]

Klar til Networking på SPOT Festival?

[DK] Om to uger tænder SPOT Festival for musikken, festen og networking for de ca. et tusinde branchefolk fra både ind og udland. SPOT+ byder på masser af networking SPOT Festival lancerer i år et dedikeret område, SPOT+, til networking […]

Glimps reception Saturday May 2

The Belgian showcase event Glimps, which takes place from 10-12 December in Gent, is hosting a reception from 15:00 – 16:00 on Saturday the 2nd of May, at the this year’s SPOT Festival. Managing Director Jeroen Vereecke explains: “Danish and […]

IMMF reception at SPOT+

International Music Managers Forum, IMMF invites you to a reception Friday May 1, 17:00-18:00 in the SPOT+ area. IMMF vice-chair Volker May (picture) explains the agenda behind the IMMF reception at SPOT: – IMMF has been expanding its international network […]

Sonic Visions reception

Luxemburg festival Sonic Visions will be hosting a reception Friday May 1 15:00-16:00 in the SPOT+ area. Oliver Toth, General manager/CEO has sent us the following meassage: “Sonic Visions is proud to be hosting a reception at this years edition […]


MXD and SPOT Festival present the biggest meet-up between Danish and international music professionals at this year’s festival. When: Saturday, May 2nd, 1.30 pm – 3.00 pm. Where: The SPOT+ area Who: SPOT+ delegates only Sign-up: Sign up for MXD […]

Breakfast with Believe Digital

The SPOT+ area will be the first dedicated business area for networking activities at SPOT Festival, and the international demand for hosting acitivies in Aarhus has proven to be significant. We are delighted to announce the first international business event […]

SPOT+ – a new area for networking, business and conference

The SPOT Festival launches a new, dedicated area for the international and Danish industry and media professionals; SPOT+ In keeping with the name, SPOT+ will be the setting for a strengthened industry part of the SPOT Festival. SPOT+ collects the […]